Rocking E Ranch was established in 2000 by Daryl and Michelle Emery on about 6 acres in Alexandria, Kentucky. We started out with just 2 boer does that we bought at the stockyards just for fun. We now have 70 mostly Full-blood boer goats. Since we obviously outgrew our 6 acres, we moved to Brooksville, Kentucky, Michelle's hometown. We bought a farm with 131 acres and quickly turned the old cattle barn into our goat barn. We've bush-hogged and cleaned and fenced for several months now and feel like the goats are making themselves at home. Our weaned kids and yearling does have their own space as do all our buck kids from this spring. Of all our goats, only a couple are percentage. We have full- blood boer goats and some of them are 100% south African. Visit our Bucks for Sale page to view the handsome guys we are willing to part with.


On our 131 acres we also have 7 horses and a pony. We have registered paint horses and quarter horses. Our goal is to produce high-quality full-blood boer goats and to get the goat clubs really going in this area. We hope to provide the community with a nice selection for kids to show at the fair, or for you to purchase a buck that will add what you're missing in your own herd.


We are located at 2339 Hamilton Rd Brooksville, KY 41004 606-735-2743.